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Students Can Decorate Their Own Stick Hands And Raise Them In Class!
Kids will love to color their own cardboard hands and then use them as a silly way to raise their hands in class. Or you can pick stick hands as a way to make sure all students get a chance to share or answer questions.
36 hand-shaped sticks * Size: 6"H each

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This poster provides a year-long reference guide to good writing. Focusing on Mighty Middles of story writing and providing concrete examples for students to follow. Includes an Activity Guide with reproducibles so students can practice what they've learned.
1 poster * Size: 19" by 24" * Laminated * Really Good Stuff® Activity Guide

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Help Students Enhance Their Writing
The Exciting Endings poster is a year-long reference guide to good writing. Focusing on methods for making a memorable story ending, providing concrete easy- to-follow examples. Poster includes an Activity Guide with reproducibles for additional practice opportunities
1 poster * Size: 19" by 24" * Laminated * Really Good Stuff® Activity Guide

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Post A Reminder For Students To Take A SELFIE And Check Their Work
Cut down on incomplete or sloppy work by displaying this colorful poster as a reminder for students to check their work before turning it in.
1 laminated poster * Size: 19" by 24"

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Reward Outstanding Coding Skills With A Night Off From Homework! Give out these cool no-homework passes as a reward for coding skills in the classroom or as a prize for schoolwide events like Hour of Code or Day of Code. They coordinate with the rest of the Cool 2 Code line.

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Educational rugs have been beautifying classrooms, homeschools and playrooms for decades. This solid carpet will also help your space feel cozy and welcoming.

  • COLORFUL BABY OR KIDS CARPET: Transform your daycare, preschool or homeschool into a magical and enchanting experience. This carpet might act as a red carpet leading to the throne of the queen and king, or a patch of red flowers where fairies flit and congregate. Wherever your tots' imaginations take them, this carpet will be a fabulous launching pad and a soft, cozy spot to share a snack with a friend.

  • MAXIMIZING IN HOME LEARNING IS EASY: Put the "fun" back into functional classroom furniture by adding a splash of color to your homeschool or playroom. A carpet can act as the cornerstone piece to help you begin designing an inspirational space. Next, add a child-sized table and chairs, bookshelves, beanbags, etc. and voila. You will be a Homeschool Hero worthy of many gold stars. (Beanbags and other pieces are not always appropriate for children of all ages. Other pieces sold separately.)

  • DURABLE RUG FOR HOME OR CLASSROOM USE: Printed, cut pile, educational rugs are made from 100% polyamide. Treated to be stain, water and fade resistant, these carpets are able to withstand rugged wear and tear. The sturdy backing increases sound and thermal insulation while preventing wrinkling and creasing. Double surged edges ensure the carpets won't fray.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: Rugs have a low pile that is easy to keep clean.

  • DIMENSIONS: 78" x 78". WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime.

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Supply Students With A Desktop Reference Tool For STEM Activities
This two-sided Helper features helpful information for science, technology, engineering, and math.
12 two-sided cardstock Helpers * Size: 12" by 4" each

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Get Students Excited About Summer With These Writing Journals These journals give students space to write about what they plan to do over the summer with family and friends, books they might read, and foods they might eat during their vacations. A great end-of-year writing activity!

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Refill Your Secret Student Behavior Management Cards Use these cards to refill your Secret Student Behavior Management pocket chart (#164068) or on their own to give your class behavior system a fun twist. Display the behavior you are looking for, and choose a secret student to observe for the day. If the secret student meets expectations by a set time, reveal who it is and offer a reward. If not, tell students you will try again another time.